The Cacophony of Religion

” Politicians and religious fundamentalists make us dance to the tunes of religious hatred and propaganda and we as a society take part in this mind-numbing and illogical dance “



The world is governed by religious outrage and obligations not by logic and a moral and an ethical philosophy.

Our society is cleaved in between by the opportunistic politicians and extremists. They are always on a hunt for the weak and hungry and force feed them the hatred and their twisted ideologies that stirs their blood enough to shed others.

This religious stirring is not only seen in India which is a land of many Gods but all over the world where any trace of desire for power lingers.

From ancient times the lust for power corrupted men and the lures of rallying men under their commands lingered in their minds which in turn made them abuse religion and distort it to control, manipulate and lead men into countless wars. In India, religion has created a divide amongst us such that people suffer and politics thrive. People of different religions silting each other’s throat over the instructions of any lecherous and power-hungry leaders is shameful beyond words. The society plays the tune of religious cacophony and we dance to it.

Religion is a beautiful concept in theory and was created by great scholars and philosophers only to instigate peace and harmony amongst various followers. The modern society hasn’t reaped its fruits till now.

The time for new age modern philosophy is required where people can’t be tamed by the many dances of the Gods.



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