The fig tree, the sunrise and Buddha

“Gautama Buddha is an epitome of serene and calmness and with this belief the whole world started searching the meaning of Nirvana or rather an escape from their worries and self inflicted wounds”


People always wonder how Buddha attained his enlightenment- by starving himself or by simply meditating for years or by abstaining from all the desire or lures of this world.

He attained his enlightenment by simply enjoying the world around him. He starved himself for years and sat for meditation for years but felt his growth to be stagnant. He finally rested in the shade of a large fig tree and slept the whole night only to be awoken by a beautiful sunrise which he claimed as the most beautiful painting he has ever seen.

At that moment , a light as intense as of thousand suns lit inside him and he felt one with the world and he did this just by killing the thought of attaining something or promoting himself to achieve something. He attained enlightenment just by letting go and enjoying the world as it was.

The tree he sat under blossomed and Bodhi tree was born-the tree where the sage named Buddha found himself in the land Bodh Gaya and thus the legend of Buddha begun from India.

Meditate, Relax and let go of things that seem unnecessary and follow the Buddha philosophy of self happiness which can heal any wounds that you may have.


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