“The news spread all across the nation that the enlightened one- Gautama Buddha is leaving his physical form and is contemplating to freed himself from the cycle of rebirths 


The news spread like wildfire and many followers and believers from all over the country travelled distances to catch a glimpse of the enlightened one for one last time.

Buddha sat with a calm and a serene stature facing a thick crowd of followers who longed for his final words.

Buddha spoke and the crowd held their breath. He spoke about his final bow to the physical world and how he is gonna merge his consciousness to the vast ocean of pure and sublime consciousness of the universe.

” My cherished followers, do you have any questions that need answering because once I went into a state of deep contemplation, it would be really hard for me to come back and speak to you all,” spoke Buddha.

“My lord, you have answered enough questions for this lifetime and now it is time you went to sleep and let us witness the wonder of nirvana and joy that will be radiated from your state of transcendence” spoke one of the monks.

Buddha went into deep and long contemplation and dwelt into stages of profound meditation but as he reached the third stage of his samadhi he was interrupted by a man.

All his followers urged him to not disturb him yet he insisted on the grounds that he needs a question that needs answering. He told them that he procrastinated for more than thirty years and thought someday he will seek Buddha and ask him yet he never did and now before he leaves the world for good he had to seek the answer.

Buddha came back from his deep meditation and told the monks to let this man ask his question.The crowd gasped in shock as Buddha came back to answer a question of a man who didn’t even bother to seek him until now. Buddha asked the man to ask his question and told him that it will be very difficult for him to come back again from the fourth stage, so he should ask everything now only.

The man welled up and said ” My Lord just seeing you return just for an insignificant person like me has answered all my questions and I will be blessed just to witness you take leave from this world”

Buddha closed his eyes again and went to oblivion and left the physical world. As he left the world, the trees sprung into life and an aura of wisdom scattered over the minds of the people present there.





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