The Song of the Sea (Mahabalipuram)

“The sun rose from the bosom of the sea and with that the silky and buttery wave howled and cracked on the rocky shore of the Mahabalipuram beach. Soon the orange from the sun pierced through the quiet blue of the sky and convinced the sea to sing. I saw the sky painted by the sun and heard the song of the sea and at that moment I slipped into a state of trance.”

IMG_1535 copy.jpg

Mahabalipuram, also known as Mamallapuram is a town in Kancheepuram district in the southern state of India. It is around 60 KM from Chennai in the south direction via ECR(East Coast Road).

This small town is deeply embedded in the French and the Indian culture.


The streets are small and bustle with various art galleries and sculpture shops, French cafes, Indian sweet shops and handicraft merchants. The crowd is a fair mix of various foreign tourists (mostly French) as well as Indians.

Mahabalipuram offers a rich experience for backpackers. The town has reasonable accommodations comprising of strings of guest houses at every nook and corner.The town serves multi-cuisine dishes(mostly seafood) at a fair price at various themed restaurants and bars that are open for business till late night.

Mahabalipuram also has significant historical points as well, namely: Shore Temple, Pancha Ratha (Five Chariots), Tiger Cave and even more to explore.

Mahabalipuram beach, according to me can be best experienced at night when the crowd is less, the sea rambling beautifully and all the fishermen’s boat anchored in a row.(Not manned and can serve as an amazing spot to sit and relax)


Just open a cold one, hop on an anchored unmanned boat at night on the beach, sit beneath the cover of the stars and the white moon and let the wind and sea sing for you.

Bon Voyage!

Picture Credits: Ritesh Verma



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