The Gold Merchant

” Material possession is the order of the day: the amount of land owned, houses built, automobile collection and the money hoarded throughout your life. Happiness, these days is interlinked to wealth and success rather than a healthy state of mind or physical well being.”



One day a distressed merchant was traveling through the country roads with his caravan loaded with gold bars. The country road connecting to the city was a notorious area with a reputation of bandits and thieves preying for their loot. The merchant already familiar with such rumors disguised himself as a common trader of cotton and portrayed that his caravan is filled with a pile of raw cotton instead of gold bars. He traveled amongst such traders and finally reached the city after many stressful days and nights. All the other traders enjoyed their journey and with a hopeful and hearty attitude reached the city around midnight.

After reaching the city, all the traders stayed at the inn in the outskirts of the city and waited for the next day to engage in the trade. One more night, proved to be the breaking point for the merchant as stress and anxiety gripped him. He feared for his gold. He feared for an impending theft. He started to fear from his fellow travelers. Every man he laid eyes on, he felt might rob him.

He wished he had cotton instead of gold. Every trader carried at least ten kilograms of raw cotton and the merchant too carried the same amount of gold yet he felt it’s weight to be ten times heavier.

At the end, the merchant didn’t end up owning the gold instead of the gold end up owning him.



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