The Wes Anderson Style

You can tell it’ s a Wes  Anderson movie without second guessing.

He has his own unique way of visual style,cinematography,storytelling and sound design.. He has achieved a respectable audience base and lovers for his unique style of film making.

He has shown such a knack of orchestrating his shots so unconventionally  yet impeccably  and designing the themes of his movies so uniquely that many have now been acknowledging his style as THE WES ANDERSON STYLE.

(A reputation that the likes of Martin Scorsese, Stanley Kubrick and  Quentin Tarantino only had earned)


Ok, so let me tell you why  I am such a big admirer of Wes Anderson’s work.His movies shows the visual consistency and the vivid imagination that sometimes many film makers lack after making one movie after another hoping to find their unique style but sadly losing the touch or the direction that had  once had an impact on the audiences.

What is so unique about Anderson’s style of film making?

Let me answer these with a series of stills from his movies :


These are the stills from his movies (namely The Moonrise Kingdom, Fantastic Mr. Fox and The Royal Tenebaums) that can be seen to have one detail in common.

Yes, you have guessed it right: it’s the symmetry.

He aligns his shots with such precision that the viewers  can note the symmetrical world his characters lives in. His effortless horizontal and vertical dolly shots are something that transfixes the eyes.

Now, here is another still from his movies: The Moonrise Kingdom.


This is a wide shot in which the symmetry is maintained with the light house as a central point and even the actors standing  from the center are at an equal distance. ( That’s what you call  a keen eye for things.)

Now, let’s talk about the colour scheme of his movies:


Indeed, he creates a bright and visually appealing world with costumes and set designs based on frequent red and yellow, (predominately.)

Here are the stills from his movies that can help notice the visualisation of his movies:


Stills from “The Grand Budapest Hotel”.




Still from “Fantastic Mr. Fox”.

Apart from the symmetrical and visually stunning shots he has a thing for slow motion shots at a pivotal moment of the movie and use of visually yet awkwardly appealing accessories that can frequently be seen in the background of his movies.



Here is to the man who I foresee as a genius in the making:Wes Anderson.

For me, he could be the next Scorsese or a Tarantino.


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  1. Zachary Ayers says:

    Don’t you think Robert Yeoman, the DP for literally every feature film Wes Anderson has made, should get the credit for the cinematography? Obviously Anderson plays a role, but Yeoman is the real hero.


    1. Anushray Singh says:

      Yes, Yeoman is a brilliant cinematographer. Different directors can use him for different purposes. Imagine Scorsese or Spielberg using Yeoman. It would have a completely different result all together. So, yes, cinematographer are moulded into whatever their directors want them to be. He could pull off this for Anderson and some other style of shooting for any other director. It’s the director’s vision and cinematographer’s execution that make up a movie. So, Yeoman is brilliant but it’s upto a given director, how they might use him.


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