All about flash fiction. (Part 1); Topic : Loss

The art of storytelling doesn’t have any boundaries.

Through novels, poems, songs and cinema, we have achieved impeccable feats of telling a story.

If it is true to its sentiments and honest in its construct, then any story can touch you deeply and profoundly.

So here are some of my attempts in conveying stories through words (in the form of flash fiction).

The theme of this post is Loss.

Let’s talk about loss. The inevitable separation and the heart wrenching pain due to a lover’s demise.

Loss is something that a human has to endure in his/her lifetime. It is not ideal but it is the bitter truth of time.

This was my effort to tell you a story through flash fiction.

I leave it upon you to interprert these two stories however you may feel is right.

Loss in its purest form is the inevitable truth of life and the most harshest teacher of love.


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